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Road Closure – Mudhurst Lane

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Mudhurst Lane in Higher Disley will be closed between the 20th and 24th May to allow Cheshire East Highways to carry out drainage investigations and repairs.  A diversion route will be in operation.

More details are available at: One.Network

‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme and donation details

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‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme

Cheshire East Council has released details of how Ukrainian refugees will be supported in the borough in the first phase of the government’s ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme.

Cheshire East has started to receive information about local sponsors and refugees heading to the borough, so processes can now be put in place and resources allocated.

To date, sponsors in Cheshire East have volunteered 86 properties to accommodate one or more refugees, with 218 Ukrainians registered to come to the borough under the scheme. Cheshire East will make initial contact with sponsors and give them a single point of contact for advice and support and to outline what happens next.

To date, Disley and Newtown residents have carried out fundraising, contributed to collections and made financial contributions. The Parish Council is not currently aware of any homes in Disley and Newtown registered under the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme.  Cheshire East will provide the Parish Council with updates and inform the Council of what additional assistance is needed.

Donations and Support

While awaiting further official UK government guidance, Cheshire East Council will not be accepting any donations but it is collating pledges of support in readiness for possible arrivals to the borough.

If you wish to pledge an offer of support, please get in touch by emailing: refugeeinfo@cheshireeast.gov.uk

If you wish to donate items, please contact the following independent drop-off points (this list will be updated as further locations are added):

  • Rotary Club, Glebe Farm, Peel Lane, Astbury, Congleton CW12 4RQ. Contact Mark Bailey on 07722 008421
  • Donatable at Qualkem Ltd, Macon Way, Crewe CW1 6YU. Contact Gareth Williams on 07739551720.

At the present time, Cheshire East or Disley Parish Council cannot accept any types of financial support. For any financial contributions please see the links below:

Cheshire East Council Queen’s Jubilee Community Fund

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Cheshire East Council has announced plans for the extended Platinum Jubilee bank holiday celebrations to mark Her Majesty The Queen’s 70-year reign. To help with the celebrations across the borough, Cheshire East Council is providing a community fund to allow residents to apply for up to £120 for street parties or similar community events.

More information and how to apply for the Queen’s Jubilee community fund can be found on the Cheshire East website at: www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/queensjubilee

Disley Parish Council Precept 2022/23

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Disley Parish Council sets an annual precept, as part of the Council Tax, to help fund the many local services which it provides.

Although the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic have reduced significantly over the last few months, the Council’s income from the Community Centre and Community bus is still reduced. The Council works hard to keep its costs down but staff salaries and particularly energy costs have continued to rise.

The Parish Council appreciates that many Disley & Newtown residents continue to experience financial pressures and is, therefore proposing a modest increase of 2.23% to the precept for 2022/23.  There was a zero increase for 2021/22.

The 2022/23 annual precept for a Council Tax Band D home will now be £77.62, or the equivalent of £1.49 per week.

The Parish Council believe that this still represents excellent value for money considering the services it provides, such as:

  • Disley Community Centre.
  • Disley Community Bus Scheme.
  • Parks and play areas.
  • Three allotment sites.
  • CCTV monitoring in the village centre.
  • Village Ranger service.
  • Community Grants.
  • The Council’s website, the Disley News and eBulletins.
  • Village events such as the Christmas Extravaganza.
  • Electric vehicle chargepoints.
  • Village streetlighting.
  • Disley & Newtown hanging baskets and planting

It should be noted that Disley Parish Councillors receive no form of salary or allowance and give their time for the benefit of the Disley and Newtown community.

Disley Parish Council Statement on Remembrance Sunday

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Disley’s first public electric vehicle chargepoints

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Disley Parish Council is excited to unveil Disley’s first public electric vehicle chargepoints at the Community Centre car park in the centre of the village.

The chargepoints have dedicated parking spaces and use Superfast 22 kW technology for quick charging.  Payment is made easily through the VendElectric app available from Google Play, the AppStore or the app.vendelectric.com website.

The installation of the chargepoints is part of the Parish Council’s on-going commitment to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in Disley and was part-funded by an OZEV grant.

The chargepoints are now fully operational and User Guide is available to download at:

VendElectric User Guide.

Middlewood Partnership video

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The Middlewood Partnership, which includes the Schoolhouse Surgery, has launched a video called, “General Practice Redefined.”  The vidoe tells the story of the Partnership’s merger-led transformation and highlights the benefits for patients, staff and the wider community.

The video can be viewed at: General Practice Redefined