Schoolhouse Surgery PPG Well-being Quiz

The PPG Well-being Quiz at the 2022 Community Showcase was won by Jean Oakley, who received a lovely hamper of goodies from PPG Chairman, Paul Vickers.

The correct answers to the quiz are below:

  1. Which would be regarded as a healthy blood pressure?

b: 110/70mmHg

  1. What is type 1 diabetes?

c: The body cannot produce any insulin at all

  1. “I don’t feel well”…. How long might the following conditions take to settle with or without treatment (match the conditions to the timescales)?

a: ear infection – about four days

b: sore throat – about 1 week

c: the common cold – about 1.5 weeks

d: sinusitis – 2-5 weeks

e: A cough – around 3 weeks

  1. Signs and symptoms of a heart attack include?

d: All of the above

  1. What percentage of sore throats are caused by a virus and therefore don’t require antibiotics?

c: 90%

  1. What is thought to be the most reliable way of checking your blood pressure?

d: readings taken yourself at home

  1. What is a resting heart rate?

c: When your heart rate is at its lowest beats per minute (bpm) at rest

  1. About 80%of your body is made up of water?

b: False -It’s about 60%

  1. Which organ can regenerate itself?

c: Liver

  1. COVID-19 has had a negative impact on mental health. How many people felt that their mental health got worse during the COVID-19 pandemic?

a: 2 in 5 people

  1. Two numbers make up your blood pressure. Systolic reading: is the higher one when your heart pumps, Diastolic reading: is the lower one when your heart relaxes. Which one is most important to ensure is normal good health?

c: They are both equally important

  1. How many people living in Disley would you estimate have a diagnosis of dementia?

d: 100

  1. How many people who are under 65 years old are living with Dementia in the UK?

b: 42,000

What type of fat is present in healthy diets?

d: Poly-unsaturated fat

  1. About how many types of cancer are there?

d: There are more than 1,000 types of cancer

  1. Which is the most common form of cancer in all humans?

c: Skin cancer

  1. How many people living with Parkinson’s Disease also have other health conditions?

b: 91%

  1. What is the largest human organ?

c: Skin

Disley Community Showcase 2022

The Disley Parish Council Disley & Newtown Community Showcase took place on Saturday 30th July 2022  at Disley Community Centre, after being postponed in 2020 and 2021.

The exciting new event highlighted the fantastic array of voluntary and interest groups across the village.

It was a chance to meet like-minded people, chat about common interests and join a club or two.

Over 17 exhibitors took part including Disley Girlguiding, Friends of Disley Station, Disley WI, Disley Flower Club, National Trust Lyme, Disley Arts Society and Disley Community Choir.

Demonstrations were undertaken:

  • Singing by Disley Community Choir
  • Free bike marking by Cheshire Police

Cuppa an’ a Chat kindly provided the refreshments.

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