Policing in Disley and Newtown

Disley and Newtown is fortunate to have been allocated a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO).  PCSOs are employed, directed and managed by Cheshire Constabulary and work to complement and support regular police officers.  They provide a visible and accessible uniformed presence to improve the quality of life in the community and offer greater public reassurance.  Disley’s PCSO covers the entire Parish and works closely with Disley Parish Council to address anti-social behaviour, the fear of crime, environmental issues and other factors which affect the quality of life of Disley and Newtown residents and visitors. PCSO powers include:

  • Issuing of fixed penalty notices (e.g. riding on footpath; dog fouling; litter)
  • Power to confiscate alcohol and tobacco
  • Power to demand the name and address of a person acting in an anti-social manner
  • Power of entry to save life or prevent damage
  • Removal of abandoned vehicles

A full list of PCSO powers can be viewed HERE

Disley and Newtown Policing Team

PC Dave Jackson

PC Dave Jackson

PCSO Alex Simpson







You can follow the Disley Policing Team on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

These social media accounts are not monitored 24 hours a day and should not be used to report crimes.

PCSO Simpson holds regular surgeries at Disley Community Centre for face-to-face meetings.  Times and dates will be advertised locally.

Contacting the Disley Policing Team

  • Visit the PCSO at Disley Community Centre.
  • Phone 101 and leave a message for the Disley PCSO.
  • Use the Police Call Point at Disley Community Centre – lift the receiver, press “RING” on the screen and leave a message for the Disley PCSO.
  • In an Emergency always call 999

Crime Update – 12th June 2018

This is a recent crime update for the village of Disley. We are sorry that this update is late but this is down to officers being on leave.
The start of June has seen an increase in thefts from motor vehicles. A number of vans have been broken into recently the thieves appear to be targeting vans for power tools and building equipment. Here are some further details.

30/05/18 – 2 vans which were parked on the A6 in Disley were broken into overnight and tools stolen.
30/05/18 – 2 vans which were parked on the A6 were damaged overnight, nothing stolen.
30/05/18 – A van which was parked on Dystelegh Rd was damaged overnight, nothing stolen.
30/05/18 – A van parked on Danehill Close, Disley was broken into overnight and tools stolen.
30/05/18 A van which was parked on Chantry Road, Disley was broken into and tools stolen.

We would like people to review their CCTV systems for the evening of 30th May to the morning of 1st July to see if they have recorded any suspicious behaviour relating to these crimes.
We are also urging people to remove all valuables from their vehicles and ensure they are locked and secured. The latest vehicles to be targeted were all vans but at the beginning of the year cars were also targeted.

Alex Simpson (PCSO 21614)

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