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Disley Police highlight trailer thefts and issue a scam warning

Local PCSO Alex Simpson has highlighted that two trailers have recently been stolen from separate Disley addresses. He is asking residents to make trailer owners aware of the increase in this type of crime.  If you own a trailer please consider using extra security. It is also advised that you uniquely mark your trailer and make a note of the VIN number if it has one.

PCSO Simpson has also reported two local frauds involving deliveries to private residences.  High value items are ordered and paid for fraudulently and then sent to an innocent person’s home address. The fraudsters send the delivery with a parcel company that offers a tracking service on their deliveries so that they know when the parcel has been delivered.   The fraudster then calls at the address and says they are from the delivery company, telling the homeowner they have delivered the parcel to the wrong address and ask for the parcel back.  As the homeowner hasn’t ordered the goods they will hand over the high value items to the fraudster.  If you do receive a parcel that you weren’t expecting, please keep hold of the parcel and ring Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 to report the incident. You can also ring Cheshire Police on 101 and they will recover the parcel.

Jacksons Edge Service Reservoir – Demolition works update

The Parish Council has received an update from United Utilities regarding the demolition work at Jacksons Edge Reservoir as follows:

“We recently let you know about the next stage of demolition work we need to carry out.  We were planning to start this demolition work during week commencing 7th March 2016, however we have had to carry out further work onsite before we can start. We now plan to start the demolition during week commencing 28 March 2016.  We’re sorry about the delay, we know this might be an inconvenience. We want to thank you for your continued patience.”

If you would like more information on the project, please contact UU on 0345 672 3723 quoting project number 80007626 or you can visit the website to learn more about our work.

The bus is back! – Weekly Community bus to Macclesfield

Disley Parish Council is delighted to announce that the Community Bus will be starting a weekly trip to Macclesfield every Friday morning from 1st April 2016.  The bus will leave the Community Centre at 10.00 a.m. and can collect residents from home.  The bus will stay in Macclesfield for approx. 3 hours and the return fare is £3.50 per person.

For more information or to book your place, please telephone Helen at the Parish Council on 01663 762726, email us at or pop in to the Parish Council Office at 19 Buxton Old Road, Disley, SK12 2BB.

If you have a relative, friend or neighbour who may be interested in this service, please let them know.  Also, we are always looking for volunteer drivers (full training will be provided) so please get in touch.

Neighbourhood Plan for Disley & Newtown – Have your say in shaping our future together


This matters to all of us! A community-based neighbourhood plan offers Disley & Newtown the best opportunity to influence how we change in the future – without one we are vulnerable to decisions being imposed on us that don’t reflect what Disley is about.

This community-wide consultation is the first stage of developing a neighbourhood plan for Disley & Newtown. This survey will seek to
identify some of the broad issues around what we feel about our village and its future.
• What matters most to residents in planning for a better village?
• What kind of development do we want over the next 15 years, if any?
• Where should it be and on what scale?
• How do we make Disley & Newtown a better place?
The feedback from this consultation will inform the drafting of a vision and objectives for the village, assessing alternative options and finally preparing planning policies that will be used to shape how Disley & Newtown change in the future.
We need the views of as many residents, local organisations and businesses as possible. The two-page questionnaire, together with space for you to add your own ideas, should be quick to complete. Please return it using the pre-paid envelope supplied, or drop it into the Parish Council Offices (address on back page), or complete it online at here no later than 30th November 2015.

For further information about neighbourhood planning within Cheshire East, see

Completing the Questionnaire
This survey is important! Our neighbourhood plan will only be accepted if we can demonstrate that it accurately reflects the views of Disley & Newtown residents and businesses. For each amenity or service we are asking about, please place a tick in the box that most closely reflects your view. The questions are grouped under two main headings: Disley & Newtown NOW, and Disley & Newtown in the FUTURE.
Please complete your personal details on the back page where you may also add your own ideas and comments. Remember, everyone in the house who is at least 16 years old * can complete their own survey if they wish, either by obtaining an additional paper copy of the survey from the Parish Office or online.
* Not 16 yet? Watch for details of our youth focus groups we will be holding next Spring.