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Disley Post Office refurbishment details and consultation

Disley Parish Council has been contacted by the Post Office recently and has been informed that there are plans to carry out some refurbishment and changes of services at Disley Post Office on Market Street, Disley.

A letter providing details of what they are planning to do and how you can let them have your comments is available HERE.  Although the Services Comparison Sheet is headed “Barnton,” we have been assured that the details are correct Disley.

You can also share your views through the online questionnaire via the link HERE.

Cheshire Police want resident views on future funding

David Keane, Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, is urging residents across the county to join the conversation on funding for their police service.

Between 3 and 24 January 2017, Cheshire’s communities will be able to give their views on whether funding for Cheshire Constabulary should be maintained at current levels or reduced.

The public will be able express their opinions online at on whether funding for the police service should be maintained. It will only take two minutes of your time, and the outcome will influence the decision the Commissioner makes about the policing precept.

You will have three options; a two percent increase, a one percent increase or no increase to the policing element of the council tax.

Explaining the current financial position David Keane said:

“Recent years have seen severe cuts to public services from successive Governments. The result locally has been that we have had to find £52.4 million of savings over the past 7 years. The Government has said that police budgets will be protected at current levels. However it isn’t quite that simple, as the Government commitment does not take into account inflation and is based on local Police & Crime Commissioners increasing the police share of council tax, known as the policing precept, by 2%.”

During the online consultation the public and the business community will be asked if they are willing to support a 2% or 1% increase in the precept or whether it should be kept at the current level. The outcome will then provide the Commissioner with a clear understanding of what the public think before setting the policing precept for the forthcoming year.

More details are available HERE

You can take the survey HERE

Lyme Park – A run in the dark

On Saturday 21st January 2017 Lyme Park opens its afterhours doors to the public to host ‘NightRun’. NightRun is a national series of night-time trail running events, held in partnership with Cotswold Outdoor, with thousands expected to take part. Graham Clark, Outdoor Activities Development Officer says “NightRun events are about having fun, being social and exploring the… Continue Reading

Draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) consultation period has been extended

The Draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) consultation period has been extended until January 16th 2017. The draft framework is available to view and comment on HERE. Paper copies can be viewed at Stockport’s libraries and comments can be made online as above, by email to or by post to Greater Manchester Integrated Support Team, PO… Continue Reading