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Disley Parish Council

Youth Organisations

1st Disley Beaver Group

Contact: Lucy Noworyta
Home Phone: 01663 762610 Website: 1st Disley Beavers
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1st Disley Cub Group

Contact: Lisa Ashwood
Home Phone: 01663 766801 Website: 1st Disley Cubs
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1st Disley Scouts

Contact: Carl Mitchell
Home Phone: 01663 762610
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Basement Youth Club

Contact: Jayne Ryder
Home Phone: 01663 765420 Website: Basement Youth Club
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Brownies – 2nd Disley Group

Contact: Kat Croxford
Home Phone: 01663 761410 Website: Brownies 2nd Disley Group
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Explorer Scout Group

Contact: Pete Binns
Home Phone: 01663 766135 Website: Explorer Scout Group
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Jayne Roy Dance Class

Contact: Jayne Roy
Home Phone: 01298 816397
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