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Cheshire East Council Flood Risk Consultation

Cheshire East Council are inviting comments on their Local Flood Risk Management Strategy. The consultation will be over a six week period from Wednesday 16 August 2017 to Wednesday 27 September 2017.

A draft copy of the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy and details of how to submit comments are available HERE 

A6/Redhouse Lane/Hollinwood Road – Roadworks update

The Parish Council has received further communications from Cheshire East Highway regarding the current roadworks in the village.  The Council would like to share this information with residents and would ask that this information is passed on to other interested parties wherever possible.

“Dear Cllr. Davenport

Further to our telephone conversation, the following is an update on the works at Redhouse Lane which remain on schedule for completion on 21st July although signals commissioning works will take up to another 2 weeks thereafter.

  • The red ‘Access for Residents only’ signs were deployed on site on 6th July as agreed. Additional similar signs have been deployed again on 10/7/17.
  • We are aware that local residents may be removing cones which is causing safety issues for the works on site and we will continue to redeploy them daily.
  • Letters advising of the road closures for 9th, 16th and 17th July were hand delivered to just over 900 affected properties
  • Our website gives updates on the roadworks, we intend to also add the FAQ’s to this web page.
  • The temporary traffic management will remain deployed until the new signals are commissioned.
  • Diversions are signed for the appropriate routes in line with legislation and Dept. for Transport guidance. However, local residents will use alternative routes that are not signed as such. Our risk assessment does not take account of this.
  • Redhouse Lane is being closed from Monday 10th July by a utility company and is, therefore, outside of Cheshire East’s control and is not covered by our risk assessment.  However, it is important that they complete their works so that the resurfacing around the junction can be undertaken on 16th July as planned for our scheme.
  • Neil Jones, the Parish Council and resident representatives have agreed that any permanent measures proposed for Hollinwood Road would be considered after the Redhouse Lane signals were installed and operational to ensure the measures are suitable to the situation that arises rather than addressing the situation that previously existed.
  • All residents’ correspondence for our attention should be forwarded to the email address to be registered.  This ensures a response will be provided in line with Cheshire East Council communications protocols and processes.
  • The Traffic Order for waiting restrictions is still going through the approvals process.
  • The A6 temporary lights cannot be manually controlled at any time due to the integration of the pedestrian crossing facility in it .
  • The Speed Indicator Device data shows 6000 vehicles northbound over 11 days (26/6/17 – 6/7/17). We have not received any southbound data.
  • There is an embargo for works on the A6 from 24/7/17 as the route is being used as a diversion route by Stockport Borough Council.  However, traffic management will be needed to provide a safe working area whilst the signal engineers are commissioning the new signals and crossing at Redhouse Lane.

I trust this brief update is useful to you.

Cheshire East Highways”

Road closures – Update

Disley Parish Council has been informed of the forthcoming road closures relating to the A6/MARR mitigation works currently being undertaken by Cheshire East Highways:

  • Sunday 16th July 2017 A6 Buxton Road – The road closure will come into operation at 9.00am and should finish by 6.00pm. unless delayed by unforeseen circumstances.

This work is to enable carriageway resurfacing, slot-cutting and carriageway road markings to be installed. The temporary signals will be turned off throughout the duration of this closure.  More information is available HERE

  • Monday 10th to Friday 14th July 2017 Redhouse Lane – Approx. 20 metres from the junction with Buxton Road.

Electricity North West Limited  will be excavating a joint bay in the carriageway plus up to 5 metres for overhead line removal.  More information and diversion route is available HERE

  • Monday 17th July and Tuesday 18th July 2017 – Buxton Road West – Overnight road closure  from 9.00pm to 5.00am.

This work is to allow new road markings after resurfacing. More information and diversion route is available HERE

  • Wednesday 26th July 2017  Redhouse Lane – 20 metres either side of railway bridge

The closure is necessary to enable Network Rail to carry out safety examination of the railway bridge. More information is available HERE

A6 Road Closures – 9th and 16th July 2017

The Parish Council has been provided with further information from Cheshire East Highways regarding the A6 Road Closures on 9th and 16th July 2017:


People will not be able to pass through the works around Redhouse Lane but the banksmen at the closure will allow  residents in who live within the closure but they will not be able to pass through our works site (Hard block area) for safety reasons.

People attending church will be allowed through the first Airlock closure. As they arrive at the second closure gate they will again be challenged and allowed through if they are  attending the Church but again will not be able to pass through our works (Hard block area) at Redhouse Lane due to safety reasons . 

Access to the Church car park will only be possible if the work programme on the day is suitable (this depends on many factors) otherwise they will have to leave their car at the roadside and walk into the church.

We have been liaising with the church and we will continue to work closely with them. However maintaining safety for everyone remains the overriding consideration.

Letters have been delivered to properties within the closure”.

A map of the affected area is available HERE.

If you would like further information, please contact Cheshire East Highways on 0800 123 5020 or via email at:

Road Closure notifications – A6 and Redhouse Lane, Disley

The Parish Council has been made aware of a number of forthcoming road closures relating to the A6/MARR mitigation works currently being undertaken by Cheshire East Highways: Sunday 9th July 2017 A6 Buxton Road and Redhouse Lane – The road closure will come into operation at 9.00am and should finish by 6.00pm. unless delayed by unforeseen circumstances. Sunday 16th July 2017 A6… Continue Reading

Cheshire East Council – Review of supported bus services

Cheshire East Council has developed proposals for changes to subsidised bus services across the Borough.  Information about the review and its proposals are available HERE. Cheshire East are asking for people’s views on the proposals and you can submit your opinions by: Visiting and completing the questionnaire online. Emailing your comments to Completing the questionnaire and returning it to: Freepost Plus… Continue Reading

Pedestrian lights on A6 near Arnold Rhodes – Update

The Parish Council has been informed by Cheshire East Council that the pedestrian lights on the A6 near the Arnold Rhodes play area have been temporarily removed.   New signal heads will be installed and commissioned as part of the A6/MARR mitigation works in July. Cheshire East will be looking at installing temporary crossing measures on 12/13th June and will keep… Continue Reading

A6/MARR Mitigation works – Latest update from Cheshire East

Disley Parish Council has received an update from Cheshire East Highways regarding the A6/MARR mitigation works.  This incudes details of the work to be undertaken and the traffic management measures to be used.  The full statement appears below: “The works to implement mitigation measures through Disley, connected to the A6 Manchester Relief Road, starts on Monday 5th… Continue Reading